Company Values

The core values behind Bloom Coworks is Quality, Flexibility and Transparency.

Quality of services, infrastructure, in-house amenities and support maintenance are provided to ensure that our customers get the best and most vibrant workspaces, to grow their ideas into enterprising businesses.

Flexibility and ease of customised options of plans to enable every work enthusiast to find a space where he or she can do what they love with the best community support.

Transparency in everything – Price, Services, Terms and Conditions – to start and build a strong relationship based on trust and goodwill.

Why Bloom Coworks?

Flexible office plans, Quality Infrastructure, and Impeccable Service Support to transform buildings into Productive Workspaces. Bloom Coworks is committed to providing vibrant & comfortable working spaces where ideas are born, nurtured and transformed into growing businesses.

The Coworking space is located on the BDA outer ring road of Nagarbhavi, with good transport facility connecting different part of the city, including metro rail. All basic amenities is available within 1 KM radius.

Flexible Office Plans

We have space for everyone, especially if you’re an individual, group of founders starting a business, a small team or a large team, we provide tailored customized office spaces to all. We offer secure, furnished office suites, quality infrastructure, conference, meeting rooms with a variety of flexible ergonomic seating options, dedicated high-speed wifi and telephony services as per your business requirement. Visit us and we will match you with the best plan suitable for you

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